La Marseillaise Standing Plaque
Triumphal arch, Iconography

La Marseillaise -- View # 1

La Marseillaise
Standing Plaque

15" H x 11-1/2 W
x 3-1/2" D
Synthetic Stone
with Antique Stone

Incredible detail for
a work this small!

Sorry! This item is no longer available.

La Marseillaise -- The Departure of the Volunteers in 1792
Francois Rude (1784 - 1855), 1836, Arc de Triomphe, Place d'Etoile, Paris France

Francois Rude's The Departure of the Volunteers in 1792, better known as La Marseillaise -- was one of the four sculptural groups flanking the Arc de Triomphe which unveiled in 1836. Begun in 1806 by Jean-Francois-Therese Chalgrin (1739 - 1811), the triumphal arch is conceived as an emblem of Napoleonic rule inspired by ancient Roman models and finished 30 years later with a revised decorative program celebrating French patriotism. As one of the various participants in decorating this monument, Francois Rude's work elevates the volunteer soldiers to the status of mythic heroes as they march on - nude, or wearing Roman armor - under the spirited call to Arms by the winged allegorical figure of Liberty

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La Marseillaise -- Detail # 1

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