Hercules and Cacus
by Bandinelli (16th century) - Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

Hercules and Cacus by Bandinelli

 Hercules and Cacus  19" H
Bonded White Marble on Marble Base
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To accomplish the tenth labor, Hercules was ordered to bring back to Greece the beautiful cattle in the possession of Geryon on the distant island of Erythea in the western ocean. He met with great difficulty in taking the cattle from Geryon but there were even greater difficulties in herding them back. One of those difficulties was his encounter with Cacus, a fire breathing monster who lived on human flesh. Awakening from deep sleep Hercules dscovered that four bulls and four heifers were missing from the herd. The lowing of one of the heifers led Hercules to the cave where Cacus was holding the cattle. A fierce battle ensued with Cacus billowing clouds of smoke and fire. Finally, with intense fury Hercules leapt on Cacus and strangled him, ridding the area of the menacing monster and recovering the stolen cattle.

The statue, carved in 1534 stands in front of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence close to the spot where Michelangelo's David had been placed thirty years before.

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