Hercules The Archer
by Emile Antoine Bourdelle (1869-1929)

Hercules the Archer by Bourdelle

 Hercules the Archer  24" H x 22" W
Bonded Stone with Bronze Finish
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Born in Montauban in southwestern France, Bourdelle gravitated to Paris where he worked in the studio of August Rodin. The influence of Rodin is apparent in the virility, the simplicity of lines and the nobility of feeling expressed in his statues. Hercules (Herakles) the Archer (1909) established his reputation. It is probably his finest work. One of the bronze statues from the first casting was purchased by Prince Emmanuel of Sweden for his palace in Stockholm. Other castings may be seen in The Metropolitan Museum, the Musee d'Orsay and The Bourdelle Museum in Paris. The myth which Bourdelle chose to depict was the sixth labor of Hercules. The great hero had been commanded to rid the people of Arcadia of the Stymphalian Birds who were ruining the crops and shooting the inhabitants with steel tipped feathers. Frightening the birds with a rattle hercules shot many of them with his arrows as they flew up from their coverts.