La Cathedrale
(The Cathedral) by Rodin - Musee Rodin, Paris

La Cathedrale - View # 1

La Cathedrale - View #2

 La Cathedrale   13-1/2" H
Bonded White Marble

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La Cathedrale - View # 3

La Cathedrale - View # 4

Rodin was a highly original sculptural genius but he openly acknowledged his indebtedness to the artists who had preceded him; the masters of ancient Greece and The Renaissance; Phidias, Donatello, Michelangelo. He was also intensely interested in Gothic art, the cathedrals of France. After viewing and studying the Magnificent cathedral at Amiens he felt that the basic inspiration came from the voices of nature, from the trees with their strong limbs reaching upward. In the two right hands with fingers arching together he probably thought that he had discovered the source and inspiration for the gothic arch, that arch which with repetition and expansion led to the creation of the superb gothic cathedrals. The hands are obviously those of separate individuals. A spiritual communication between the two is expressed but the fingers and hands remain slightly separated. Could he, through that separation, have been expressing the aloneness of all human beings, the desire for a complete unification which is never realized?
This item is imported from Seattle. It is the same as that previously available from Eleganza in Seattle.