Love and Psyche Forgiven
by Canova - The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Love and Psyche Forgiven   10" H
Bonded White Marble on Marble Base
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The Love and Psyche myth, as related by the Roman philosopher Apuleius, hints at an allegory of the soul (psyche) in pursuit of diving love (Eros). Love and Psyche Forgiven depicts the happy ending of this romantic tale:

According to one of the most romantic of the Greek and Roman myths, the lovely Psyche had through her great beauty incited jealousy in the heart of Venus herself, the goddess of love. Venus had a son named Eros (sometimes called Love or Cupid) whom she used to inflame the hearts of men and women to love or hatred. Venus dispatched Eros to inspire Psyche with the love of some base creature but when Eros saw her, he himself was smitten with love and failed to carry out his mother's orders. he caused Zephyr to waft her away to his own palace in a beautiful secluded valley. There he came to her each night in secrecy, having whispered to her that she must not seek to know his name.

Psyche had two sisters who became envious of the manner of life which the unknown lover had bestowed upon the youngest of the three. Working upon her fears and her curiosity, they induced Psyche to light a lamp while her lover was asleep and to gaze upon him. When psyche did so, she saw not a monster as they had predicted, but the most handsome of all youths. In her excitement she let fall upon his shoulder drops of burning oil from the lamp. Eros awoke and vanished without farewell.

In her despair Psyche went to Venus to beg forgiveness and to offer to do deeds of penance. Venus was unforgiving and assigned the most difficult of tasks to the beautiful girl, but Eros rescued her and at his entreaty she was received among the gods who united the lovers in marriage.

The myth was aptly selected by Canova for the subject of this romantically appealing statue.

This item is imported from Italy. It is the same as that previously available from Eleganza in Seattle.