Melting Timepiece
by Salvador Dali

An Iconic Surrealist Bronze with a Stunning Patina Finish!

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Bronze Melting Timepiece by Salvador Dali

"The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali, hanging in New York's Museum of Modern Art, is the most famous Surrealist painting in the world. The centerpiece of Dali's masterpiece are his melting timepieces, as soft as overripe cheese and that the artist described as "the Cambembert of time."

This fine work was cast in the finest pure bronze using the lost-wax method in the California art foundry. The piece measures 18.5" high by 8" wide, and hangs off the wall by 3". It boasts a stunning patina finish in blues and browns with highlights of polished bronze, inspired by the tones of his famous painting.

The artwork is signed "Dali" in the face of the bronze, and the reverse side carries a bronze seal reading "Licensed 9/10/80" above the full signature of Salvador Dali. This artwork is available in a limited edition of 500, each numbered and stamped into the reverse side of the bronze.