The Kiss -- Rodin   (Le Baiser) - Musee Rodin, Paris  
from the studio of Egregia, Volterra, Italy
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The Kiss (Le Baiser)


Bonded Cararra Marble

 White - As Shown


Egregia - Italy
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Arnaldo's son Alfo working in the Egregia studio.
These sculptures are made following the workmanship handed down during the time of the able Tuscan artisans, practised in reproduction of classic sculptures Each piece is entirely hand-fineshed.  Egregia produces the very finest bonded marble figures available from Italy. This would be a great gift.

The passionate love of Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta was a theme which Rodin had from the beginning decided was to be a part of The Gates of Hell. He had thought to present this romantic story in different aspects and The Kiss was probably conceived as a portrayal of their earthly passion. When he realized that this was unsuitable for the gates, Rodin removed the figures to make them an individual statue.

The form of the lovers emerges from the highlights and shadows of the statue. Light and shade were used by Rodin to create an impression of actuality. He did with modeling that which his contemporaries, the French impressionist painters, were doing with pigment. He was a genius through and through, certainly one of the greatest of sculptors. He simulated the effect of actual flesh but he also emphasized details to make clear the inner feelings of the figures. For example, the convulsive contraction of the toes of the man's right foot and the tenseness of his hand contrast with the woman's thigh. Such details reveal much of the passion which inflames the lovers, but they reveal it with taste and refinement.