Winged Victory of Samothrace   -   2nd or 3rd century B.C. - The Louvre, Paris
A. Santini and G. Ruggeri from ISAC Statue, Italy
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Winged Victory - Nike

A. Santini

Bonded Cararra Marble

 White, As Shown


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Winged Victory or Nike 28" High - Rear view

Winged Victory 28" High - White bonded marble - Front View
At the head of the great marble staircase leading to the upper galleries of The Louvre in Paris, this statue stands as though it had just put down from flight. The draped garment clings to the body as though it were wet. The cloak which is slipping from the shoulders billows out behind the figure and wraps around the legs. The body is thrust forward by the force of the powerful wings. Like the Venus de Milo the statue, it was found on an island in the Aegean Sea. In 1863 the French consul at Adrianople, Charles Champoiseau, who was also an archaeologist, personally found the statue scattered over a lonely hillside on the island of Samothrace. It was without head and broken into 118 fragments. The pieces were put together at The Louvre.